Your Best Of Ojai?

We've been honored to have been voted your Best of Ojai Award for the past 9 years. How amazing would it be to make it 10! Since most of our clients find us through social media and online, being able to add in the Best Of ribbon year after year shows those searching out spa services that we are the top choice! So if you can spare a few minutes to vote for your Ojai favorites, we would be greatly honored.

Voting is officially open just for one more week... take some time now to cast your vote ENHANCED for your favorite BEAUTY SALON (WRITE IN), DAY SPA, ESTHETICIAN (Summer McComas), FACIAL, and MASSAGE, as well as show some love to your other Ojai favorites. And don't worry if you are not local, a lot of these places you probably visited when you are here, and voting is open to everyone, near and far!


* If you are a subscriber or have registered to vote in the past: 
--- Log in at and click the Best of Ojai Valley link in the main menu.

* If you haven’t voted before, the registration process is FREE, quick and easy:

1) Please go to to get started!

2) In the top box marked Vote for the Best of Ojai, please find directions and a link to register! Click on the blue link… 

3) Scroll down until you see “Registered user only”, and click on the blue Sign Up button.

4) Under the header “New User? Please register”, please add all of the information that it asks for!

5) Once your registration has processed (immediately), scroll up and on the menu bar you will see a link for “BEST OF OJAI VALLEY CONTEST”.

6) Click on the link, and away you go!

Rest assured the folks at the OVN don’t use your info for any purpose other than administering the contest (it’s how they make sure people aren’t voting more than once per email address). 

We fully agree and understand it takes more than a few seconds to follow the process of registering to vote for us, which is even more of a reason we really would appreciate your time doing so. I promise to make it worth your time at our celebration spa party once we clean-sweep win all categories! ;)