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The Sweet Deception - Free Workshop

Let's talk about the biggest comfort and overabundant, Sweet Deception, that has worked its way into everything we consume, a common ingredient that pulls at our energy, weakens our immune systems, and can be tied into MANY health conditions and ailments... SUGAR!

Join us and Functional Medicine Health Coach Karen Snyder, for a free workshop Wednesday April 17th @ 5:30pm at Enhanced, where you will learn why and how sugar is wreaking havoc with your health, and what you can do about it (it's easier than you think!) We'll discuss how to curb your sweet tooth so you can finally feel better and lose that belly fat. Plus you will get some guilt-free low sugar recipes to try. 

Imagine yourself with more energy and fewer health concerns!!!

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*Karen Snyder is Medical Board Certified in Applied Functional Medicine as a Health Coach. She empowers individuals (no matter what kind of history, habits and hang-ups they bring to the table)to regainthier health through sustainable food and lifestyle changes. Karen has a passion for education clients about critical nourishment's we all need form food but also from non-food aspects like relationships, career/work, fun/adventure, physical movement and spirituality. Her passion and empathy for helping clients to prioritize self-care stems from her commitment to that journey in her own life.

Earlier Event: January 4
Later Event: August 31
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