Please fill out our general intake and policy form, as well as any forms for services you will be receiving. All forms must be completed before services can be performed as per our insurance and state laws. Any forms not submitted prior to scheduled appointment will be provided in spa for you to complete.

General Confidential Spa Intake and Policy Form 

Massage Therapy Intake Form

Skincare Intake Form

Lash Extension Intake Form

Spray Tanning Intake Form

Sugaring/Waxing Intake Form

Infrared Sauna Intake Form

Teeth Whitening Intake Form

Ultra-Cavi Shaping Intake Form

All forms below are per visit, please note these are to enhance your visit to your likening as well as suffice our insurance needs. You are welcomed to complete these the day before your visit, or you may wait to fill them out in spa before your appointment.

Massage Visit Enhancement Form

Skincare Visit Enhancement Form

Sugaring/Waxing Visit Form

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