Lash extensions are meticulously applied with integrity keeping the healthy of your natural lashes in mind, using only the highest quality adhesive and lashes available to lash professionals. Each viable lash is extended to give the fullest and fluffiest lashes for your features and desired outcome. Volume Lash Fans are handmade during each visit, No pre-made fans are used.

Eyelash fills should be done every 2-3 weeks. We throughly clean, remove grown out lashes, and add new eyelash extensions to all of your regrowth. Our lash clients walk out with a completely new set of eyelashes every time.

Classic Lashes ~ One lash to one natural lash using Faux Minx or Silk Lashes


First Full Set $200 - *Maintenance Fill $85 - 60 Minutes | $125 - 90 Minutes

Handmade Volume Lashes ~ 2D-4D lashes to one natural lashes


First Full Set $225 - *Maintenance Fill $105 - 60 Minutes | $155 - 90 Minutes

Handmade MEGA Volume Lashes ~ 5D-12D lashes to one natural lashes


First Full Set $250 - *Maintenance Fill $125 - 60 Minutes | $185 - 90 Minutes


Flirty enhancements for your eyes...

Lower Lash Extensions $25 | $15 fills

Add some stunning color to your eyelashes with our color extensions. We can add just a few color lashes for fun, to highlight your eyes or hair, add for upcoming holiday, or we can apply a full rainbow set.

{no charge}

*** We are happy to take in those that have lashes from previous studios, but since we do not know the conditions and how the previous work was done, fills from other studios are at a cost of $100-$250, depending of the condition and if they need to be filled or completely removed and start from a fresh/clean slate, and will be determined by Attending Lash Artist before the start of the session.