Sugaring - Hair Removal

An ancient method of hair removal originating in the Middle East. As the room temperature sugar paste is spread onto the skin in the direction of growth, the sugar seeps into the hair follicle & attaches to the hair. It is then removed in the direction of growth; resulting in less discomfort than traditional hair removal with longer lasting results!


Brows $25 | Upper Lip $10 | Chin $10 | Neck $10 | Gentleman Clean-up $25 | Face Face $60 | Underarms $20 | Half Arms $25 | Full Arms $35 | Half Back $40 | Full Back $55 | Shoulders $30 | Chest $45 | Abdomen $30 | Bikini $35 | Brazilian $60 | BRO-zilian $80 | Half Leg $45 | Full Leg $65

Red Carpet Brows ~ $30.00

We start with mapping out the shape of your brows according to your facial structure, wax/sugar and tweeze the areas needed, followed by a mini brow lift massage, then conceal, highlight, and fill in with powder to finalize your red carpet brows!


Join our Sweetly Smooth VIP Club and you’ll enjoy the silky pleasure of continuous hair free skin! VIP Members pay once and enjoy unlimited treatments for that area(s) for an entire year.